Whistle-blower Management (“Ombudsman”)


As per ACFE report to the nations, most Corporate being victim of frauds RECOVERED NOTHING!!
Here is a small questionaire to understand your organisation’s preparation for early detection of any mishappenings .Link

Well-governed and ethical companies need to constantly review risks arising out of misconduct, dishonesty or illegal activity. Such risks may are not always detected through internal control or audit. Anonymous tips are effective form of discovering unethical conduct and key to harnessing this information is a well-designed and efficient vigil mechanism which acts as a conduit for monitoring behaviour.

As an independent organisation, RAMA helps companies to extract real value of setting up a whistleblowing mechanism. The benefits of our specially tailored vigil mechanism for individual companies go far beyond mere compliance with legal statute laid down by the Companies Act 2013.

RAMA offers a dedicated email address and telephone number to channelize grievances and receive complaints, our vigil mechanism ensures:
→ The whistleblowing policy is seamlessly integrated in the company’s code of conduct
→ Separating genuine grievances from the malicious or frivolous
→ Unbiased and fair analysis of complaints
→ Assurance of anonymity
→ Detailed reporting tracker with fortnightly summary reports
→ Concluding cases by monitoring progress of complaints through a pre-defined matrix of oversight levels

Our independent vigil mechanism minimizes an organization’s exposure to the damage occurring from unreported unethical conduct. More importantly, we handle complaints in a highly confidential and non-partisan manner which encourages and strengthens the whistleblowing hotline.