Financial & Tax Due DiligenceFinancial & Tax Due Diligence

RAMA’s due diligence process is focused to provide valuable information, through insighful & in-depth (investigative if required) analysis to identify key issues and drivers of historic and projected critical business & financial data and cash flow etc. Our due diligence practice follows the principles of independence, prudence, comprehensiveness, materiality and confidentiality.
RAMA due diligence reports are structured to achieve the following objectives:
→ Understand the target firm’s assets and liabilities (including contingent liabilities), internal control, the actual situation of operations management, providing a suitable foundation for follow-up negotiations, strategic investment decisions and the formulation of a post-acquisition business plan and integration program
→ Sufficiently reveal financial and tax risks (historic tax profile, planning, tax examination, acquisition/disposition and filing history to assess potential risks and opportunities)
→ Analyse target entity’s past profitability and cash flow and according to this forecast the firm’s future operational prospects
→ Determine the item of investment in question is in keeping with the acquiring party’s general strategic targets and investment principles.

“Virtual” Due Diligence

Often, emerging business houses are generally not equipped to accomplish the gigantic data / information required by DD Agencies in a structured manner and often are deprived of true value for their business. Hence, RAMA has developed a sepecific service line primarily to handhold emerging business’s managment through the cumbersome process of Due Dilligence.
RAMA’s DD service group assists the management by:
→ compiling the data / information requirement in the desired manner
→ critically analysing the information and suggesting methods for clear and crisp presentation of data / information to derive maximum value
→ preparing the management for possible queries, scenarios as would emerge out of DD excercise, analysis & evaluation of term sheet etc.
→ representing management through the process of due dilligence by providing the required information to DD Agency and adequate clarifications in case of any concerns
→ maintaning confidentiality of business critical information from being disclosed to a larger group in the organization
→ ensuring minimum disruption of the organization’s ongoing business transactions at reaosnable costs

Data Room Management

RAMA provides on-site and off-site data room management services by building a bridge between the organization and buyers DD Agency for supply of information (as per IRL) in the desired manner & formats and resolution of preliminary queries on a real-time basis. We understand how the due diligence process works and as such we can prepare data rooms entirely for clients to ensure that this part of a transaction progresses and information (product costing, inventory valuation and segment wise financial numbers etc.) is available quickly and is clearly identifiable and available.


RAMA’s valuations service includes valuing entire businesses, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and equity interests, as well as specific assets such machinery, equipments, inventory and financial instruments. Our team is having the technical skills and experience to assist in many types of valuations. We provide clients with valuations-related assistance in the areas of Financial reporting, Tax planning and compliance, Mergers, acquisitions and divestments.

Corporate Finance

RAMA’s corporate finance services enhance value through the delivery of strategic advice and execution services to corporations who seek value-enhancing solutions that complement their growth strategies. Our team works with banks, private equity, venture capital and other investors and lenders for arranging finance (long term, short term and working capital needs).

Private Equity

RAMA’s private equity services are focused to assist promoters, young enterpreneurs and professionals to allign with the appropriate funds for their funding requirements and strategic investors. We assit the business throughout the process of identification of the prospective investors till deal closure.

Merger & Acquisitions

RAMA team has experience in assisting clients in both pre- and post-acquisition situations including corporate structuring, agreements and BTA. We assit in effectively executing the acquisition tranactions on both sides of M&A band. Our team having industry experience and deep skills in core areas such as Finance and Accounting, Operations, HR and Compliance delivers by providing rapid responses, ensuring no conflicts of interest and focusing on “getting things done.”
We adopt a key risks approach to identify and then manage the key risk areas in the transactions with proven program / project management tools and techniques.