Service Spectrum

1. End to End ERP Implementation

We provides complete End to End ERP solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV & AX right from business process analysis to post implementation review and support after go-live. ERP Implementation can broadly classified in five phases are as follows:-

  • Planning

In planning phase a scope of work to be performed is prepared with its detailed project plan after understanding the client’s environment and its structure. Steering Committee is established to direct the project. Planning phase end with a Kick-off meeting with the client to begin the implementation as per the project plan.

  • Diagnosis

We do detail business process understanding and gather requirements. We ensure that all the critical business process and pain areas are taken care of while doing designing of business process. This involves studying client’s SOPs, discussion with key users and process owners with detailed prepared questionnaire, analysing MIS reports and print formats, statutory requirement and internal controls.

  • Designing

Based on the diagnosis we do detail business process mapping in ERP system and prepare detail work flow, company structure and organisation structure and design various master data. Gaps are analysed for those business process which cannot be mapped. During this process a detailed workshop is done with user explaining the business process to be carried out. Deliverable of this particular module will be ‘blueprint’.

  • Development

We configure the ERP system as per the blueprint designed and also do necessary customization based on gaps identified in designing phase. Parallel to this we provide UAT to the users.

  • Deployment

Once the ERP is developed, it is been installed and configured our client’s network in test environment. Basically pilot run solution is adopted before actual go-live. Data migration plan is prepared and accordingly static & dynamic data are uploaded in the ERP system and in parallel UAT is given to end-users. After the go-live, post implementation review is made to evaluate the system return on investment.

2. ERP Support Services

We provide support service for Microsoft Dynamics (Navision & Axapta) and SAP B1. Our approach to support is to fundamentally provide excellent customer service. We have qualified experience team in support services and related customization issues.

As a support we resolve issues (bugs/ errors/ incidents) arises on daily basis post implementation of product. We also provide customization, inspection and testing support during and post implementation of product.

However good your IT solutions, business critical issues can arise, sometimes at the worst possible moment. As a RAMA client you have the comfort of knowing that, should this happen, you can count on our support to ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly and will be swiftly resolved.

3. ERP Consulting

3.1 ERP Evaluation

The ERP systems are now available in all sizes and shapes for all platforms and development environments. Evaluating the ERP system available and selecting one for organization is very critical tasks. The decision can make or break an organisation. Below are the steps in ERP Evaluation

  • Feasibility Study

A feasibility study aimed to analyse the strategic benefits in implementing the ERP system through evaluations of productivity gains, cost saving and other intangible benefits like improvement in moral of employees. The focus on feasibility study is to answer the very fundamental question “should we go ahead with the project?”

  • ERP Evaluation

Each packages have its own strength and weakness. But the ERP vendors will give the impression that their product is as good as any other. So package selection is something that should be done in very systematic and scientific manner. We assist our client in evaluating different ERP products using various methodology and helps them to select the best fit ERP product to the organisation. We evaluate product on criteria like functionality, technology, financially, legally, and time period.

  • Vendor Evaluation

Success of any project critically depend on the partner you select for ERP implementations. For evaluating vendor proposals you required qualified skills and experience in ERP field. We assist our client in evaluating the vendor proposals and helps them in selecting the best suit vendor. Some of the important factors need to keep in mind while evaluating vendor including the background and location advantage of vendor, the financial stability of vendor, the market feedback of vendor performance, etc.

3.2 ERP Implementation Assistance

We are specialized in providing end to end ERP Implementation Assistance in Pursuit of achieving successful ERP Implementation. We will be working hand to hand with you throughout the project. We will assist you in filing the communication gaps with ERP vendor. We will monitor the project for you and report on the deliverable. Since ERP is implemented in phases, we will assist you in all phases as below:-

  • Planning

We will be assisting you in finalizing the scope of work to be performed by ERP vendor and detailed project plan. We will report on the project progress and deliverable and ensure that project is implemented as per the plan.

  • Diagnosis

We will ensure ERP vendor have the clear understanding of what is the current business process and what is proposed business process with all the Best Practices. We will ensure that all the requirement gathering done by ERP vendor is as per the proposed business process.

  • Design

We ensure that all the critical business process and pain areas are taken care of while doing designing of business process. We will be assisting you in review of blueprint and gap-fit analysis.

  • Development

We will review and test whether the configuration of ERP system is as per the blueprint delivered. We will also ensure that UAT is conducted for all the possible scenarios.

  • Deployment

We will ensure that you and vendor are on same page and have same understanding before going live. We will test the data before migration and check whether system is successfully running in test environment before migration to new system.

  • Post Go-Live Support

However good your IT solutions is, business critical issues can arise, sometimes at worst possible moment. As a RAMA client you have the comfort of knowing that this will never happen. You can count on our support to ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly and will be swiftly resolved.

3.3 Post Implementation Review

We provide a review of ERP project after its implementation. A post implementation review answer the question “Did we achieved what we have planned out to do?”

A Post Implementation Review ascertains the degree of success from the project, in particular, the extent to which it met its objectives, delivered planned levels of benefit, and addressed the specific requirements as originally defined.

There are two basic dimensions of Information system that should be evaluated. The first dimension is concerned with whether the newly developed system is achieving the business objectives. The other dimension is concerned with whether the user is satisfied with the information system with regard to the reports supplied by it.

4. IT & Systems Audit

We are providing IT & Systems Audit in Large and mid-sized organizations and financial services. We have CISA/DISA qualified team and IT engineers who have in-depth understanding of IT Governance and IT Security practices and its implementation. With the background of this knowledge we are providing IT & Systems Audit in various companies.