RAMA-IRIS GST Compliance Tool (ASP Solution)

RAMA is the Knowledge cum Sale Partner of IRIS an authorised GSP of GSTN, also having a comprehensive ASP Solution for end-to-end GST Compliances.

The RAMA-IRIS GST Compliance Tool offers

1. Smart Reconciliation – Specifically developed to provide solutions for challenges in reconciliation, for example, mismatch because of invoice no. – Incomplete, different format, missing; invoice accounted in different FY, amended invoice etc. For details please click here

2. Business Intelligence – Palette of interactive dashboards, providing insights and updates to users of the enterprise, across departments, SBUs and hierarchies

3. Easy Upload of DATA – Multiple options to choose from for getting the data into IRIS system – API, SFTP or manual upload

4. Automated Returns – We take the invoice level granular data from you, the task of computing aggregate values, arranging invoices in return format and preparing the data ready for GST system and ensuring compliance, is our responsibility.

5. Collaborated Ecosystem – Share your data with the counterparties even before it is sent to the GST system, minimising the scope of differences cropping up at later stages