Life @ RAMA

At RAMA, you will have the chance to develop and prosper along a career path that is influenced by your dedication and hard work, as well as the guidance of our career advisors. RAMA is a dynamic organisation that values continuous learning, encouraging individuals to enhance their ability to achieve the outcomes they truly aspire to. We foster a culture of innovative thinking, allowing for the emergence of new and expansive thought patterns. Moreover, we believe in unleashing collective ambitions.

Our leaders at RAMA have a genuine commitment to learning and constant improvement. They serve as mentors to their team members, helping them achieve personal mastery and supporting team-learning, thereby bringing out the best in each individual. The principle of collaborative growth is deeply ingrained in RAMA's values – we can only succeed as our people thrive. At RAMA, we firmly believe that "Sky is the limit," emphasising limitless possibilities for personal and professional growth.

Jobs @ RAMA

Chartered Accountant – Internal Audit

Experience : Freshers to 4 Years

Positions : 4Apply Now »

Forensic Audit

Experience : 2 to 4 Years

Positions : 2Apply Now »

Statutory Audit

Experience : 2 to 6 Years

Positions : 2Apply Now »


Experience : Fresher

Positions : 5Apply Now »


Experience : 2 to 5 Years

Positions : 2Apply Now »

Sr. Accountant Manager

Experience : Min 4 Years

Positions : 1Apply Now »