Corporate Investigations

RAMA has a specialised team for undertaking Corporate Fraud Investigations across functional areas of several industries.

Fraud Risk Management

RAMA’s is having qualified and experienced professionals with relevant experience to assist management in assessing, improving and monitoring internal control structure with Fraud Risk Management. We help organisations create an FRM framework as a component of their overall risk management strategies, with the framework including various policies, procedures, tools and mechanisms for prevention, detection and investigation of fraud.

Fraud Risk Assessments

One of the greatest requirements of modern times is to understand the risks and increase the preparedness and ability to nip fraud and wrongdoing in the early stages. RAMA’s fraud risk assessment expands upon traditional risk assessment, it is scheme and scenario based rather than based on control risk or inherent risk.

Our assessment teams are able to identify the potential schemes and scenarios impacting the industries and geographic markets in which the organization conducts business. Our approach to assessment includes:
→ Evaluation of fraud risk factors and identify possible fraud schemes / scenarios
→ Prioritization of identified fraud risks
→ Evaluating whether mitigating controls exist or are effective
→ Documenting the risk assessment process & conclusions
→ Conducting periodic reviews and updates

Forensics Audits

During corporate fraud investigation assignments, need based assistance is also taken from the several experts as may be required like for background check, preliminary surveillance, digital forensic, legal expert, hand writing expert, data authentication and laboratory reports etc.

“Funds End Use” Audits

RAMA offers tailored solutions in the areas of accountability reporting specially for financial instituions and banks wherein they assign the specific task of ascertaining and verifying the end use of funds. Our “End Use of Funds” audits encompasses an examination of a recipient’s financial records, financial statements and expenditures incurred, the general management of its operations and internal control systems to establish the genuinity of funds spent for the stipulated purposes.

Our services includes not only conducting a final evaluation to assess the expenditures, but also advising on the development of efficient frameworks or the establishment of appropriate preventative systems. We promote the necessary and desired transparency with respect to the use of the funds applied and the results of the project.