Team & Knowledge

  • Multi skilled resources for special audits requiring domain knowledge
  • Establish a core team which will normally not change
  • Each assignment is led by an experienced qualified Team Lead under direct supervision of Partner
  • Perform audits using knowledge bank of risks & controls including related IT controls


  • Communicate and agree on the audit plan with process owner and Key Client Contact
  • Prepare data requirement list and intimate process owners in advance
  • Closely work with audit coordinator to ensure completeness and focused audit
  • Instant guidance & support from Experts (SMEs)available in other service verticals
  • Appreciation of Business Issues through active guidance from Partner in Charge

Quality Assurance

  • Enhanced focus on recommendations and value additions
  • Regular quality & progress reviews by the Partner in-Charge
  • Internal Peer Reviews within the firm by Senior Partner not directly involved in engagement

The RAMA Advantage

Execution team including Partners having in-depth experience of handling Risk Advisory & Management
Assurance assignments for several clients (domestic & international) across different industries. Outsourcing
of Internal and Operational audits by several large and mid size companies to RAMA is testimonial of quality
services being delivered to clients. Our team, by benchmarking with best practices, brings to these assignments
insights & knowledge of leading practices gained from experience of working with corporate clients in varied sectors. Functional Enterprises gain also help us implementing best practices during various ERP implementation.

Industry Exposure